Date Night


By the end of work yesterday I was pretty worn down. I’d had 2 nights of rough sleep that were slowing me down and the inside of my little toe was mostly a blister.


Once we were all home I changed and got out the paint.


I was not real motivated but I need to get it done so I can open up the deck to people and dog traffic again. The flooring of the deck seems good but the stairs were cleaned and dried and ready for their first coat.


I put on bug spray twice but the mosquitoes didn’t notice and attacked me full force for some reason. I struggled through and the stairs were looking pretty good this morning.


Once the stairs were coated I started in on the top of the railing.


Once the neighbors were home and ready for the girls to come over I called it quit and washed off paint and cooled off the bug bites. Then Heath and I headed to O’Neil’s at 95th and Mission for sandwiches, salads and local beers.


Dinner was good and right next door was Foo’s frozen custard so we had to get dessert for the drive home.


Then we changed clothes, got the girls, got them to bed and got us to bed. I fell right asleep and got 10.5 hours of sleep. I feel much better today.

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