Fast Food


I got out of work a bit late and Heath rushed off to the Royals game with Amanda after work.


I picked up Pumpkin, then we both went to get Bean and then we all went to Aldi, the plan was to load up the house on groceries for the weekend and get something quick for dinner also. Once there we found out the credit card system was down and I didn’t have any cash. We decided to take some books to the library and just eat out to kill some time for the system to get fixed. We had a vote and ultimately Burger King won.


We took our time and ate everything and got everyone full then headed back to Aldi. However their system was still down and they said all the aldi’s and some other stores were also down. So we postponed groceries and headed home. The girls wanted to watch a movie and I wanted to get some deck painting done. We started off with baths so they could get in pajamas and get their blankets and pillows and really relax. We also got out all the hair tangles.


Then I started the movie and put on some different painting attire.


My legs were getting destroyed by the bugs but it was hot so I tried pajama pants. I got a second coat down the stairs.


and then did the top of the railing everywhere.


I had a bit of daylight left so I moved the grill and my little table and got busy scrubbing under them.


Bean saw an opportunity to get wet and dirty after bath so she abandoned the movie to “help”.



We got it scrubbed good but it was dark by the end and too wet to paint.

Then I got the girls in bed and did some work work, getting ready for this weekends membership drive and plaza art fair. Then I headed to bed because it’s going to be a long weekend.

This morning I got to go to school with Pumpkin.


We had a really fun time doing donuts with dad before school.




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