Beautiful Weekend


Friday I left my office at about 1pm and headed down to the plaza to set up a booth for the station at the Plaza Art Fair. It was really hot but we put together. DSC_0988

The main things I had to get together was our makeshift photo booth.


and our remote broadcast


The broadcast was a lot of fun, pretty popular and went off good.


The photobooth was really popular and I think we got a lot of good photos.

Here is a bunch more

Yup, the rest of the Prewitt’s came to the fair and did a lot of cool stuff.



I worked until almost 11 before we got done packing everything up and then I headed home to get cleaned up and in bed.

It didn’t last long, at 5 my alarm went off and I headed back to work. Our membership drive started and I had a few things to do to get it started and then I volunteered answering phones. Once my shift was over I grabbed a load of stuff and headed back to the art fair to set it up for the day.

I got everything set up and the new staff trained on how to do a few things then I headed home. Heath’s sister and her family had come into town. Everyone had gone to Peanuts soccer game and were getting home about the same time.


We had lunch and then I put a coat of paint on the spot where the grill was on the deck, mowed the front lawn, and dragged a bunch of furniture and stuff out into the side yard. DSC_1012

Then Heath and I got stuff ready for cobbler and home made ice cream. Then I cleaned up and we took a quick nap. After nap we got busy finishing to make the cobbler and ice cream and cooking dinner.




ice cream


Then we ate dinner and headed outside to build up the fire and enjoy the night.


Our friends came over and we stared playing batmiten and other games.


We put some nice hot coals on the cobblers.


And just after dark they were ready.


They were so good and the ice cream went great with them.

Once we finished dessert we started a movie for the kids.


We hung out and talked and had some drinks while the kids watched the show and ate. After the movie everyone cleared out and I got the kids in bed while Heath and her siblings went out to the bars.

In the morning Pumpkin and I went back into work. I got a few quick things done and we grabbed some coffee and a danish.


Then we went back to set up the art fair again.


I had it down by now and setup went quick. The rest of the gang was putting breakfast together when we got back so I picked up the yard and got all the party stuff put away.

Then Heath’s sisters boyfriend wanted to go for a trail run and I am always excited to go. We got Berry and hit the trail. We had a great run.

Once home we brought furniture back onto the deck and then I painted the 2nd coat on the little spot where the grill goes again. We ate some lunch and cleaned up a bunch in the house then decided to get out for a drink and to let the kids play.


Then Heath went to a funeral and the kids and I made dinner and then had dessert.


I was pretty beat and had another super early morning at the station so got to bed early.





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