Kabob Night


I got up early and rushed into work for the membership drive. I had an hour or so of getting everything going and then I volunteered in the phone room for a bit.


The rest of the day was fairly normal but longer then I’m used to. Once I picked up the girls, I cleaned up the basement and got it ready for guests again and then got busy on dinner while the girls worked on art projects.


I got all the steak, brussel sprouts, peppers, chicken, zucchini and pineapple on skewers just as Heath and Peanut got home.


I fired up the grill and got it loaded and cooked our dinner hot and fast.


I brought it in and we dug in.


Everyone ate great.


Right after dinner we rushed out the door to get signatures to close down our street for the block party, to pass out the flyer about the party and for Peanut to sell scouts popcorn. The girls and I came home at 7:30 to get them ready for bed and to watch the football game.

The game was kind of terrible and Heath and I headed to bed a bit after half time. I got up early and took off the broken tail lights on my truck and replaced them with new ones.


I also had to do a 3rd one.


The truck always takes 2 trips to get passed for state inspection but I think its all set now.


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