Good Boy


Here is a random nearly year old picture for you since I didn’t take any last night.

I got stuck at work late. Heath had picked up Peanut and Pumpkin and got Peanut a quick snack and ready for soccer. My mom was over also when Bean and I got home. We quickly got dinner going and ate just after Peanut and Heath went to soccer practice. We made 2 really tasty pizzas and some salad. After dinner the girls played and I helped mom with some wedding stuff and house selling stuff on the computer.

We also got the girls all cleaned up and in pajamas. Pumpkin is all about trying to earn money so I told her if she folded the laundry she could have a dollar. She got busy and got clean laundry all over the couch.

We ate a bunch of pizza but were still a bit hungry so I popped some popcorn. Mom headed home once we finished all her stuff and the girls and I did a bunch of reading and then they headed to bed.

I did some cleaning up around the house but had to leave the laundry so Pumpkin could finish and there was no room to sit down or anything. I had saved Heath and Peanut some pizza and when they got home and ate I got hungry again so made a quick taco. Then I did some reading and got to bed early so I could do a bunch of running in the morning.

In the morning I did a bunch of running with Berry and Heath but the station called me w/ trouble for the drive so I sprinted home and rushed into work.

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