The Fall 2015 Prewitt Photo Shoot


I picked up the girls and then got them busy putting on dresses. I got some dinner stuff warming up, gathered the camera gear and we all headed outside. I trimmed a few branches in a few places and the Pumpkin places some key flowers.


By the way she got new glasses so if you see her give her a compliment on them.


Anyway, Heath and Peanut came home, got dressed and we all ran out back and shot some pictures. The remote battery was dead so we just used the timer.



For the kids I could just shoot at them.



I think we got some pretty good shots. We were in a hurry so we rushed inside and got eating. Heath and Peanut barely finished and had to rush off to soccer. I started installing Windows Media Center back on my TV computer after moving to Windows 10 then got the girls in costumes and we rushed off to some fall party thing.


It started sprinkling on us on the way in. Peanuts practice got canceled but he also had scouts so they went right there. The girls saw a bunch of friends and worked on some projects.





They also got some snacks and candy and we were in and out pretty quick.


Once home they ate some of their snacks then hopped in the tub. I finished getting the computer able to play and record over the air tv again then got all the dishes done and lots of stuff put away from my trip. Then we read some books and the girls went to bed. It’s starting to cool off so I am starting to move wood into the shed for heating fuel this winter. I cleaned out the shed and coated it in termite spray and then built a new gaurd for the back of my truck to keep the logs from breaking the glass. I did a bit of other cleanup in the yard and garage and then headed inside. I uploaded the pictures we took and got ready to edit them but decided to get to bed so I could get an early start on my jog and wood moving.

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