Friday we scooped up the girls, ate some quesadillas real quick and then headed to the carnival at the highschool.


It was not too crowded and the girls easily got to do all the moonwalks a few times.




Then Pumpkin had to leave the carnival to go get ready to cheer.


The rest of us hung out at the carnival some more.


A half hour before the game Pumpkin took the field.


They did a bunch of cheers and she did a great job.


Then she joined us to watch the game and cheer in the stands. DSC_1564

We stayed until almost halftime before we all got hungry for BBQ and Royals. Pops went to get the BBQ and we got the game on and the girls in pajamas. Then we watched the game.

In the morning pops had donuts ready for us and we fried up some bacon and made some shakes and coffee and went to Peanuts soccer game.


It was a bit cold and windy and the kids didn’t seem that into it. After the game we met up with Kelly and Drake at the Ren Fest.




We had a great day running around the fair.




watching shows




and playing games



In the afternoon we rushed home to get the girls a nap and watch the royals game. The adults ended up falling asleep and the girls played quietly. Midway through the game we all rushed off to Red Crow Brewery in Spring Hill. They were having a grand opening party and Heath was working the food truck there. The place was pretty full and the kids were roudy and we tried to get a beer for like 30 minutes but they were just slowly pouring foam so we left Heath and moved on. We went to my sister’s for a bonfire.


The kids ran off some energy and then we grilled brauts.


Then we ate.


We were all hungry and ate good and of course then we stuffed in some smores.


The kids played and we hung out around the fire for a while and then the kids and I headed home to bed.

In the morning I had plans to get busy moving wood but I had a splinter in my heal that was bothering me so I cleaned house and made breakfast until Heath got up and dug it out. Then it was on.


The girls came outside to play


as I took load after load from the yard into the shed.


Eventually they needed to help.


We got a lot done but there is still a lot to go. Partway through i turned my wheel into a little stump and a small sharp part burst the tire in a loud explosion. Everyone came to check it out then I limped it up to the driveway and put on the spare and kept moving wood.

At lunch I took a break and we made mexican pizza then we laid Bean down for a nap and Heath and I moved some old couches out of the basement and into the garage and got ready to sell them on Craigslist.



Heath headed off to Peanut’s soccer game with Pumpkin.


Once Bean was up we ran to the grochery store and got a bunch of stuff then made a big hearty soup for dinner. Once everyone was home we ate the soup and then ran to Home Depot to check on a few options for basement remodel and to pick up some chip board. Once home we hauled the chip board into the attic and then moved up some old stuff we never use. The kids had showers and books and went to bed. Heath did some Halloween costume sewing and I did some cleaning and then more moving wood to the shed, then we showered and got ready for bed.

Last night the Royals played at 8 so we had a potluck and projected the game on the garage.


Pops helped us get all set up, make a big salad and fry up some chicken tenders and fries. We all had a blast, I just wish the Royals had won.


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