Pumpkin Stabbers


It’s a bit of a crazy week and last night was a productivity night. I got groceries on my way home then picked up the girls and got dinner cooking. I made a really tasty/healthy mess of chicken and veggies that I called chicken stew. Then I got working on getting the house clean. Pumpkin read books to Bean for 20 minutes then they watched the new Supergirl show.

Pumpkin is wearing her supergirl dress.


When Heath and Peanut got home we sat down to eat. Right after dinner Heath and I changed and jumped into the garden.


We figured we don’t have a lot of warm days left and we had a little time so we would go ahead and harvest a bunch of the stuff. The sweet potatoes had taken over the driveway and the walkway so they were the first to go.


We also decided to pull all the peppers and the last of the broccoli. It got dark so darn fast and that made digging out those taters that much harder, we were sure we were missing some but we hunted and hunted and eventually the Royals game started and we had to rush in to watch it but it’s still a pretty good haul.


While watching the game we got out our knives and pumpkins and set to work making Jack-O-Lanterns.


Everyone chipped in.


DSC_1809We carved one for each kid.



And they all turned out great.


Then the kids had candy apples for dessert.


We watched more of the game and I got out an old tv, converter box, an antenna and a giant box of wires and played with some different options for playing the game tonight. Around 10 We sent Peanut to bed and moved into our room to watch the game. About an hour later Heath passed out watching and then I started to drift in and out and at some point realized I was too sleepy to pay attention and I feel like moments later the Royals won and the game ended.

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