Watching World Series


I had to cut out of work last night a bit early and rush off to Bean’s parent teacher conference. Heath met me there and after talking with her teacher a bunch we took Bean and headed out. Heath went to get Peanut and I went to get Pumpkin and once home we all rushed to get our costumes on and stuff ready for a Royals watch party.

Then we rushed to the school for a Halloween party but got there and found out we had the wrong night so we rushed back home got off our costumes and started setting up outside.


We got a bunch of food truck leftovers warming in the oven, a fire going and the computer and projector and antenna setup to show the game. It was still to bright so I used a monitor to get all set up and last season we had trouble with signal when people walked past the antenna so this time I clamped it to a rake.


With the Halloween party being off we had extra time and had everything ready with time to spare. We had the kids relax on the couch and we enjoyed a beer by the fire.


A bit later people started showing up and we got out the food and turned on the projector. There had been a strong wind when I was building the fire but it disappeared as it got dark and it was a great night.


The kids were running around crazy but we corralled them for dinner.


Friends and neighbors came and went through the night. The kids moved inside to watch movies and stay warm. A sprinkling of rain rolled in and we set up Stephan’s shelter over the electronics.


It never rained hard enough for us to really need to leave the fire but a few times we started to head to the shelter. It did seem like once the shelter came out the Royal’s picked up and started getting hits and runs.

We had a great time huddling around the fire, having a few beers and watching the game. Afterwords we packed everything into the garage and rushed off to bed.

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