The Parade


Just like half the metro, yesterday we took off school and work and headed to the parade. We did take Bean to school and Peanut went with his dad but Pops and my aunt and cousin joined us. We left the house at 10am after watching the place fill up on the news and internet all morning.


We drove up Holmes and up to Gillham and had hoped to make it to Costco. It was a bit slower going then normal but we were moving along pretty good until we got in sight of Costco. It looked like the lot was full and things were getting busy so Heath pulled a U turn and parked on the street real quick.  We had a short walk to Cosco and got a bunch of pizza and hot dogs and used the bathrooms then walked about a mile and a half. From this point on the street and us walkers were going about the same speed and both were packed.


It was a pretty fun walk and everyone was excited. As we got closer we started to get a better feel for the mass of people.


Shortly later the quick pace slowed significantly and we joined the crowd.


We got this close and stopped.


We could see part of the street and part of the screen and the people seemed nice. We got in about 11 and just people watched and hung out.



Pumpkin sometimes hopped on my back and sometimes sat down or stood with us. She did a great job.


When the parade came past us, the crowd in front of us got a lot taller.


We didn’t see much but we cheered and Pumpkin told us a few things she saw. Right around 2 we could not hear or see anything and decided we should head out. Lots of people did the same.


We walked back to the car, stopped at a few bars but decided home sounded the best. Once there we put the TV on the deck, opened some drinks and watched the end of the rally.


The Sanders joined us for dinner and we talked about the chaos of the parade and grilled some burgers and dogs.


It was really fun. When they left the girls went to bed and we watched San Andreas before going to sleep.

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