Fall Creek


Friday was so nice out. All day I was itching to make it to the trail for a quick hike before dark. After work Heath got held up but the girls and I rushed out there with plans to meet Heath when she got there.


It was getting dark but we still had time to get a few good pictures.




We hiked and climbed around some and tossed rocks in the water.



Heath made it just in time for a family shot before it got too dark.


Then we hiked some more until dark. Then we cut over to the paved trail and took that back. Once home we made dinner and cleaned up the house and worked on getting Halloween packed away and started up some projects around the house. Pumpkin tried on a bunch of dresses her cousin Tia sent her.


That was about it for that night and in the morning Berry and I got in a run back at the trail.


It was really pretty out.



Once home I made the girls french toast then we ran up to Home Depot for the kids workshop. Heath headed to a food truck deal.


We built jets.


Then painted them.


Then we got cotton candy.


I had a few things to buy and then we headed home and got working in the basement.


I actually just got started Saturday morning but worked on this a few times over the weekend.


I was filling in cracks and holes to make the floor more smooth.




The kids got restless so I let them outside and I got on the roof to watch them.


I also cleaned out some pretty stuffed gutters.


We were all hungry when I finished and we went inside and ate lunch. Then Bean laid down for a nap. Pumpkin rested watching a video for a bit and I worked more on the basement floor. Then we headed back outside.


She worked on origami and I took apart the truck to see if I could get my wheel bearings off or not. I discovered I could not. Briana texted me and when Bean got up we cleaned everything up and headed to the park to let the kids play.


We let them play a bunch then headed home for dinner. Jon and Heath got done at food truck and everyone came over for dinner and drinks. We ended up hanging out all night.

In the morning I was beat and hungry so we went to Chelly’s for breakfast. It was good but I was still beat so once home I took a nap and Heath and the girls sorted some clothes to get the right sizes and seasons ready. When I got up I ate the breakfast leftovers then went back to work in the basement .


Once the cracks were all smoothed over I got busy taping in the bar area for fresh paint.


We took naps in the afternoon and then ran to Home Depot for kitchen paint but could not settle on a color and the line was too long so we just left with samples. Then I made up dinner and we ate then got to bed early. Bean was acting pretty sick and had goop in her eyes so I made preparations to stay home with her.

In the morning we tried to let her sleep in and Heath and Pumpkin rushed off to school and work but Bean got up. I fed her a bit then we both hopped in the shower and I got it hot and tried to make lots of steam. She had a rough cough but her eyes looked good. Once she was done I got her dressed in sweats and took her to the doc. She was a bit whiny but her eyes were clear and the hot shower had fixed her snot and cough. I decided to wait on the doc and we went grocery shopping instead. She sat in the cart and was surprisingly quiet and once done we were both pretty hungry so ate some chips on the way home. Then I made soup and she ate a bunch and then fell right asleep.

I headed downstairs and scrubbed on the floor for about 90 minutes. My patches were all dry so I just cleaned and cleaned the floor with lots of buckets of water, a scrub brush and a towel to soak up the water. I also used some acid chemical to etch the concrete and make it ready to accept the next stuff.

Bean was still pretty quiet and tired when she got up and she watched a show while I did work work.


I also got a crock pot of stuff cooking for dinner.

Then we went to pick up Pumpkin and took them to the dentist and met Heath and Peanut there.




Then we all came home and had soup and cornbread. They were both really good and we all ate a bunch. We did some cleaning up and preparing then got the girls to bed early. Once they were down we got back to work in the basement.


All the work so far was just getting the floor ready for this epoxy paint stuff. So we started painting the edges and rolling it on.



And tossing down the color sprinkles


It was interesting stuff and not as thick as we expected. We had to work fast because once you mix the stuff it starts to harden.


It covered a lot more then I expected and we ended up switching to a thicker roller and going over a few spots twice. The cracks were move visible then I had hopped but it looked a lot better.



I think it’s going to be some pretty durable stuff and with a couple rugs work really well. Once done we cleaned up and headed to bed.

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