Sorry for the crazy wind yesterday, I’m pretty sure we caused it by trying to rake up our yard the night before.

Heath had a work dinner to go to so after our dinner the kids and I headed out. First we raked the front yard and got it looking good. We pushed all the leaves onto a tarp and then drug them around into the backyard.


We picked a good spot in the jungle area and dumped them out. It looks like midnight but it gets dark so fast now it was really like 6:30.

Then I got Peanut on the deck, raking them off the deck, Pumpkin under the deck raking them into the yard and Bean and I raking them out of the yard into our pile. The kids worked hard and raked a bunch before needing a swingset break. It was pretty dark so it was easy to rake but hard to tell if we were doing a good job. We ended up with a really big pile and the assumption the top layer of the yard was clear.

The kids celebrated by jumping off the landscape timbers into the pile a few times and then we all decided we needed an icecream reward so we rushed off to Sonic.

After ice cream Peanut read a story to Bean in her bed and Pumpkin read to me while I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. After tucking Bean in we vacuumed, swept and cleaned up some more. Then Pumpkin did some homework and Peanut and I raced a bit on Wii Mariocart. We tried to get Pumpkin to join us but was pretty motivated and worked hard on optional homework that is not even due until she had to go to bed.

Yesterday around lunchtime Bean’s teacher called us saying she had goopy eyes and she needed to get checked out for pink eye. So I ran to get her and we went straight to the doc. She did indeed have pink eye but seemed to feel fine. We had a bit of a wait and read every book we could find. Then we went right to CVS to get the drugs in her as fast as we could.

There was a mess w/ the docs coupon being expired and we ended up wondering the isles of the store a dozen times while I read her the books on the shelves there and took work calls. Finally we got the drops and rushed home. She did great opening her eyes and letting me get the drugs in, then she closed her eyes hugged her blanket and was out.

I was starving and really tired so made a quick sandwich, did a few work work things that needed to get done then laid down in bed for a nap. Immediately Bean was up and out of her room and joined me. I tried to put on a movie in my room and see if one or both of us could sleep during it but narrated the movie for me instead.

So we got up and I was still starving so started making dinner and went a bit overboard on the pasta. I fixed a giant pan filled with all sorts of goodies.

When Heath and the other kids got home we ate and talked about our days and the night before. Heath was jealous of our Sonic trip so went to the store for ice cream and we made banana splits when she got home.


They turned out really good and we all gobbled them up.


Then we all did a bunch of reading and Heath got Bean in bed. When Pumpkin finished her reading she wanted to double up and read another book. Then we played some more Mario Cart and headed to bed early.

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