The Ride


Friday after work we joined the Pottebaums at Lews for happy hour and hung out a bit after and then did some packing and got to bed. Saturday morning Peanut and I headed out to Boy Scout Camp Naish.


He is a cub scout and moving to Boy Scouts in Februrary. One of the last things he needs to do as a cub was go to a boy scout overnight campout. This troop invited the cubs and it worked with our schedule so we went. Another dad and cub rode with us.

We got in at like 9:30 and set up our tents near the boyscouts tents. Then went over to the mess hall to meet the rest of the troop. There was about a dozen kids and dozen dads. This was their Thanksgiving feast campout and the boys had been busy cooking. They got in the night before and made home made pies, crust and all. They were already smoking the turkey’s and mixing up dough for rolls etc. The troop showed us around and introduced everyone. They had a really organized schedule of what boys did what jobs at what times to get everything prepared by the feast at 6pm.  Then a few boys didn’t have anything going on so they took our two cubs and spent 15 min or so showing some fire building techniques and talking about boy scouts.

The other cub dad and I wondered around a bit and looked at the camp. Then we all kinda stood around the smoker for a couple hours and waited for lunch. The boys were busy so the dad grilled burgers and Peanut and his friend played some tag hide and seek game. After lunch we stood around for a while staying out of the scouts way until some of the scouts were free and we got to go play disc golf.


The 45 or so we played 9 holes was probably the best part of the day.


After that we headed back and some of the boys had jobs and the rest of us stood around. The cubs were getting pretty restless and causing some trouble so eventually they got them busy working on skits for after the dinner. After another hour or so I got out my book and enjoyed the weather reading.  Before 6 several other guests came and we had the meal. Everything was really good. Then the boys did skits and it was pretty entertaining. Then the guests left and they put on the movie Inside Out for the boys to watch. I’ve seen this one and was so tired of sitting around I intruded on the kitchen and tried to help out cleaning.

Everything was commercial/industrial so there was not much to do and like 30 min later we were back to sitting around. I started a new book on my phone and read during the movie.

Eventually it ended and we gathered all the boys and stuff and headed back to our tents and headed to bed. It was a fairly warm pleasant night and we slept good. At 7 I heard people getting up and moving around and it was a few dad including the one who rode with us. We talked and decided it was not worth waiting around for breakfast and so we packed up said goodbyes and headed out before the boys got started taking down tents.

We rushed home and got busy doing stuff. The girls were up making a breakfast plan and we decided to get some exercise and eat well. So we aired up the bike tires, bundled up the kiddos and rode off.


We headed to Jerry’s cafe for the best breakfast food around.


There was a little wait so we hung out. When we got our food we were hungry and everyone ate a ton.


Portions were a bit bigger then our appetites still though so we took a bit with us. We did some more bike riding around after dinner and eventually headed home pretty worn out.


After our ride we ran to home depot for paint.


Once home we got busy working on random stuff around the house like cleaning up the front yard.


And then got busy painting the basement kitchen/bar area.


In the days since we got a few coats down in the kitchen and it’s looking really good and put all back together. We also moved a bunch of furniture around and got started priming the wood paneling in the basement.


Monday I had a big work work project and was busy all day and until just after 10 at night. I did get to take a break and meet up with Heath and Bean for dinner.


Last night we kegged the Copper Ale we made a few weeks ago.


Then our PAT lady came and played games with the girls.


After she left we read a bunch and got the girls in bed then moved more furniture around in the basement for more painting and projects.


Heath and I got to bed early after an episode of True Detective.


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