Family Fit


Last night was Family Fit night as Pumpkin’s school and she was so excited about it she wanted to skip girl scouts and take the whole family. After picking up the girls from school we rushed to warm up some soup and make some toast and have a quick dinner. When Heath got home she joined us and then we headed to school.

They broke all the families into two groups and we started in the library learning about healthy food choices and internet computer safety stuff.


Bean had a hard time sitting still and listening.


Then we changed places with the other group and headed to the gym.


There were tons of jump ropes and everyone got busy hopping around. We did some group activities and just jumping for fun too.


Then they had some contests. How many jumps can you do in 60 seconds and who can jump the longest w/ out messing up.

Heath got into the final few on both.


Then we all had some healthy snacks before heading home. Heath ran to the store and I got the girls in pajamas and read to and in bed. Then Heath did dishes and made a dip for Bean’s thanksgiving and I packed my bag for backpacking and started burning wood for the winter.


We got to bed early and this morning I got a bunch of painting done.


It’s looking pretty different downstairs.



and this is just the primer.


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