Please Stop Raining


It was a busy 4 days off and I should have taken more pictures to help me remember what all we got into.

Thursday we drove down to my uncles farm. We got sidetracked when we didn’t make it to the bathroom in time for Bean and then we let Pumpkin drive a bit on the gravel roads.


It rained on us a bit on the way down and the forecast was not good but it was not raining when we got there so we took advantage and started having fun outside.




Even the adults got into some fun.



We shot until we just about ran out of shells and a storm was about to unload on us then we rushed into the house.


Shortly later it was time to eat.


Then Bean drove us part of the way home.


On the way we stopped in Louisburg for Heath’s niece 1st birthday.


We stayed late and the girls and I slept in the next morning but Heath had to work. We went over to the church and the girls practiced flower girling and I tested the slideshow setup.


We went home and rested up and ate and then came back for Mom and Mike’s wedding. The girls did great.


Really everyone did great. I didn’t take many pictures but we had a blast.


After the wedding we had a reception and ate too much.


I didn’t get any pictures but the girls danced all night and we all joined them some. My friend Lucy took thousands of pictures though so I expect to see some at some point. We cleaned up after the wedding and got home and in bed really late.

We slept in then cooked some breakfast and surprised the girls with breakfast in bed and a christmas movie. It was still raining outside and we decided to paint all day.

Fairly late we called it a night and got cleaned up and headed out for dinner. We hit up the Hyvee buffet and then McDonalds playplace. Then the kids went to bed and Heath and I watched Get Hard.

The painting was pretty much done so Sunday we just cleaned up and watched football most of the day. All of us are fighting colds and took it easy.  In the evening we went to cousin Ruth’s for dinner.

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