Plaza Lights


Tuesday we had some spare time so we rushed to the plaza after work. I actually stayed at work and Heath picked up all the kids and then me and off we went. We had been wanting to check out Noodles and Co and the plaza has one so we drove most of the way there then grabbed a parking spot. It gets dark so early we got to look at lights on the way over.


Dinner was great and everyone was eager to pick out some pasta and then get busy eating. We finished every noodle and sides and it was all good. Then we headed back towards the van checking out the shops and lights. We got a couple jackets as it was getting cooler out.


We wondered around working our way east and stopped a few times on the way.



Then we crossed a few streets and got to Winsteads. It was kind of a surprise for the kids but by this time it’s tradition and they were not surprised.


All the walking had digested the noodles and we were ready for fries, onion rings and lots of ice cream.


The kids were super excited to try out our first Neapolitan skyscraper and the staff sang as they brought it out.


I was surprised how quickly we were at the bottom.


Either we are getting bigger appetites or the cups are getting smaller.

Then we headed back towards the van.


It got late quick and we rushed to pickup the pickup and get home and kids to bed. My knees were shot from a long run in the morning and knealing on the basement floor so Heath and I worked on the computers instead of the basement.

Last night Peanut and Pumpkin had scouts so we kind of ran around crazy and also Bean and I got groceries and Heath got some Xmas gifts. Once Bean was down I did head downstairs and removed lots more glue.


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