Last night I got stuck at work a bit late but we had a plan and Heath got everything ready quick and they were ready for dinner when I got there. We ate then got a few things together and Peanut and I headed to my moms and Heath took the girls to a holiday party through Parents as teachers. Peanut and I almost made it to moms before I noticed a bit of a strange noise. I looked out the window and saw a flat tire. I pulled over and it went really flat and I could tell why.


There was a big chunk of metal sticking out of the tire. I got out the jack and the spare and Peanut helped me out and we switched it to the spare and headed on to Moms. I cut a bit of wood around the cabinets first to make room for her fridge then we got busy on wedding pictures.



There was 1,600 something pictures to go through looking for shots to print.


We worked on it pretty late then headed home. Peanut and I got ready for bed and Heath ran to Target for a few things.

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