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Friday Pumpkin had a half day and went to after school care and wanted to stay late. Heath was doing food truck and Bean and I ran some errands and worked a bit around the house, mostly filling in cracks in the basement w/ some flexible putty stuff. Then we went to get Pumpkin and we watched her dance performance.


It was really cute and she did a great job even though the routine was really long.


Afterwords we snuck out for a special dinner.


and ice cream.


I let the girls stay up a bit late and watch a show in bed. I headed downstairs and got busy cleaning.


I scrubbed the floor for about an hour and applied a few chemical things to prepare it. Once it was super clean and then dry I painted.


This time instead of going right to the epoxy I put down a coat of the really thick deck paint first. Once it was all on Heath was home and we got cleaned up and in bed.

Saturday Pops came over and we got busy in the basement bedroom. I didn’t take any pictures but we cut holes in the ceiling and moved the electrical from the side of the ceiling to right in the middle. We had to go out and find the replacement sheet-rock and then patched everything back up. Heath baked cookies all day. The girls helped a bit and then played dress up.


We went out for chinnese for a late dinner and then once home I cleaned in front of the stove and then painted it.


In the morning I got up really early and took Pops to the airport so he could visit Alaska for a few weeks. Then when I got home the family was getting up and Heath and I put down epoxy.


I also did some mudding on the ceiling patches.


It looks rough in the pictures but we will paint the whole thing and texture matches pretty good.

We had some lunch and Heath did some shopping while the girls napped and I watched football and wrapped presents. Then we got on christmas clothes, pickup up Peanut and went to party.


We visited with family and ate a bunch.


and then Santa came.


He had a present for all the kids.




We hung out and did a white elephant gift deal then we rushed Peanut back to his dads and we headed home. We were kind of beat so just watched some good old Star wars on the couch in our pajamas until bed.


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