Parents Weekend in CO – Day 3


I woke up first and hopped in the shower and then started tossing stuff into piles to pack for the day or for the trip. Then Heath got showered and dressed and we went down to the lobby for breakfast. They had awesome Denver scrambled eggs with lots of ham, good biscuits and thin gravy plus fruit and all the regular continental breakfast stuff. We stuffed our faces good. Somehow I had woken up from being starving.

We ate, got dressed for the day and tossed everything else in the van, checked out and drove up the mountain. We got in right around 8:30 and got a decent parking spot.


We zipped right over to the rental shop and found it packed with skiiers. It looked like we would be in line for an hour at first but the staff showed us the rental line was on the other side and tiny, all the giant line was for lessons. So we got our skis and boots in no time and we thought we had to get lift tickets someplace else but they did that too so we were doing great. We went back to the van and got on our snow pants and everything for the day. We packed up a little backpack of treats and made our way to the green left right at 9am when they opened.


The mountain was organized, looking up from the bottom with the easiest runs on the left and for the most part gradually getting harder as you moved to the right. So this was pretty much our path.


We surprised ourselves in how quick we were on the lift to the far right going up the hardest and highest area.


The main draw to that lift, besides being the highest point was the little shop on the top called the Lookout.


Once there we found a table with a view and snuck some beers and jerky out of our bag.


After our break we headed back to our skis


And got back to skiing.


We pretty much stuck to blue runs the rest of the day and worked our way between the lifts in the middle and the far right. We took a late lunch at the lodge at the bottom. I ran to the car to dump out the empty beer cans and fill up with crackers, hummus and our flip flops to put on at the end of the day. It was great on the deck at the lodge.


So we took our time, relaxed our muscles and got another drink.


While resting we made our plans for the rest of the day and then hit the slopes.


Our legs and bodies and brains were getting pretty worn out and the slopes started to get shaded and icy. So eventually we called last run.


We skiied right to the rental stuff and stripped off our boots. Putting on flip flops felt great. I drove the 90 min out of the mountains, through Boulder, around Denver and to Corona’s our favorite Mexican hole on the way home. We were starving when we sat down and engulfed 1.5 baskets of chips and salsa. I was also sleeping first so got a giant margarita.


Our food was great but we got full fast and neither of us could finish. We drove 50 miles down the road then stopped for gas, bathrooms and more caffeine for Heath. After that I was out pretty quick and Heath drove 4+ hours listening to an old audio book she found on my phone. Then we traded and I got a bunch of coffee and coke and listened to another new episode of Serial and then the audio book for Gone Girl.

About the time we entered Overland Park I decided I was glad to be done driving and I’d never bother to listen to any more of that book. We got in at like 2:20 tossed our leftovers in the fridge and went right to bed. It was kind of a new record when we got almost 5hrs of sleep before the alarms sent us to work.

It was a great trip and one of the fullest best weekends i’ve ever had. Pops watching Bean and Nana-K watching Pumpkin really helped us out and made everyone have a great time.


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