Aqua Acrobats


Heath was off to food truck the first part of the weekend. After work Friday Pops rushed off to pick up Peanut and I picked up the girls on my way home. We quickly grabbed some snacks and hopped back in the car for a drive to the Short Street Tavern in Monterose, MO. It was a bit more then an hour drive but the kids did really great. The tavern was in a town of population 384 but it was a big place and we were not sure we were going to find an open table at first.Shortly after getting seated my aunt and uncle joined us and we ordered.

Prime rib dinner was the specialty and I got a large. It was pretty reasonably priced and came with salad bar and baked potato.


Terrible pictures but it was really good, juicy and tender and not loaded with fat and cooked well. I almost ate the whole thing before remembering to save a few bites for Peanut. The kids ate good and were not too bad in the restaurant. All the food was good and I enjoyed a few Busch beers as it and Bud were the only things on tap.

We hung out outside for a bit after dinner and let the girls run some energy off and then hopped back in the car and drove home. The kids went right to bed and Pops and I had a couple drinks and then also went to bed. In the morning we had cereal then took the kids to a Home Depot class.


We built some wagons and then painted them.


Then we swung by the house, woke up Peanut and grabbed Berry. We took him to the dog park and got to run around with the girls and the other dogs.


Then the girls got to go to their park.


Everyone worked up an appetite so we took Berry home and picked up Peanut and went to Martin City Brewery. We sat outside on the deck and soaked up some sun.


We drank IPAs and everyone ate good. Then we headed home and the girls rested. Pops packed and I took Peanut shopping for a birthday gift and then to a party. Once the girls got up Pops and I took them up to a hotel by the airport and we did some swimming.


We had the nice pool to ourselves.


So we jumped and tossed the ball and the kids around.



Once we were worn out we changed and went out for Pizza. Pops and I split a medium and ate the whole thing and the girls each got their own little one and ate the whole thing.


Then we dropped Pops at the hotel and told him bye and see ya in two weeks then we rushed home to meet up with Peanut after his party and get some tired girls in bed.

I had a few Rob Roys and waited for Heath to come home and have a few more with me. We stayed up pretty late.

No sleeping in, Bean and I were up early. She watched shows on the iPad and I took Berry to the river for a run.


Once home I made a great breakfast with some of Pop’s prime rib leftovers. Then we all cleaned house and Heath and made space for our new pantry and tested out some shelves.


We really like these shelves we got at Aldi and we plan to make some modifications to them and then build a pantry/cabinets around them. Around lunchtime we took a break and took the kids to the nature center.


It had been a while since they went and they had a great time.




We met up with James there and after checking out the nature we went to the playground. The kids climbed and I cooked up some burgers.


Then we ate a windy lunch and headed home. While the kids rested Heath and I moved a bunch of furniture and stuff off the basement floor and cleaned it real good.


Then we cooked and ate some dinner. After dinner we mixed up our finnal gallon of floor epoxy and let it start reacting.



We tossed the girls in the tub and cleaned up dinner then rolled.  The second coat of paint went on really well and covered a lot of area. We were able to recoat almost the entire basement and this time Heath loaded it with the little colored sprinkles.



We got cleaned up, put the girls to bed and watched some TV with Peanut until bed.


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