Family Colorado Vacation 2016 (part 2 gaters)

yes, that’s a real live gator

After a good night and sleeping in we started the day. We had simple oatmeal for breakfast since we were packing up camp and moving on.

Once we were all ready and our stuff was all packed we stopped by the visior center so Peanut could get a badge.

Then we drove on. Sort of randomly we decided to hit up an alligator farm on the way. It was a crazy place that totally exceeded our expectations.  We saw lots of cool animals.

Oh and lots of cool Aligators.

The gators were pretty exciting but the most memorable part was this guy who paid $100 to “wrestle a gator”

I got the impression the wrestle part was really helping an employee catch one so they could give it medicine or something. At first it looked like he was not going to get one, as they would whip the tail real quick and pull it out of his hands each time he tried and he commented his hands were getting worn out trying.

But then he got one and wrestled it to shore and pinned it down. However something happened as he pinned it.

We were not sure if he got bit or scratched but he ended up with a deep cut on his wrist and it bled a bunch. He just needed a few stitches but all the blood was exciting.

It was hot hot work watching gators so we went out for a cold drink or 6.

Even this kiddos got fancy drinks.

There was a random climbing rock outside the brewery we had to climb and then continued the drive.

A hour or so later we pulled into the Heaton campground, site 69 on the Dillon Reservoir and setup camp.

We immediately loved our campsite. The lake was right on the other side of the trees and had a great little trail.

and spots to toss rocks

There was plenty of room for both tents, a few hammocks, clotheslines, tables, etc. We could see lots of mountains and best of all no more mosquitoes and flies bothering us.

Also we didn’t have to pack it up for 3 nights.

So we got all settled and explored and relaxed and had some dinner.

Then we made smores.

It was a bit colder night of sleep and in the morning we decided to get another blanket and check out some thrift stores in town. Then we went to Copper Mountain resort and got some lunch.


After lunch we rode the lift up the mountain.


Then we hiked down about 3 miles.


It was a cool hike

but afterword we were ready for a break.

So we rode the lift again and this time we rode it up and then back down.


We spent much of the day at copper and then had another nice night at camp.

I got up first and got a run in on our little trail and explored more of the area around our camp.

Heath got up and did some work, then she went for a run and Bean and I got breakfast going.


Eventually everyone got up and ate and Heath did some more work.



Then we all got ready and went to Breckenridge. We were a little clueless when we got there and we drove way up the mountain to find no parking and so we drove way down the mountain and parked and rode a gondola back up.

Then we got the kids each a bracelet and set them loose.






Meanwhile Heath and I took the day off.

Kidding, we had a busy day chasing the kids all over the mountain.

Late in the afternoon we rode the gondola back down and decided to wonder around in town.


We found lots to see and do.



It was hard work and we stopped for happy hour snacks at several places and drinks at a few too.

It was a really fun day but we had to head back.

We got to camp just before dusk.


We warmed up water and everyone took a camp shower under our water jug.It was glorious. We had another good night of sleep then repeated the morning routine of runs, working and breakfast.



It was our last morning with this campsite reserved and Heath drove the campground and found us another site.

This one was possibly even better. It was closer to the lake and had some great trees. We were relieved to find another great site. We quickly moved all our stuff from the old site to the new site and got the tents up but didn’t do much putting things together.

We drove into Frisco and rented some bikes

It was awesome, Heath and Pumpkin had a double one.

Peanut had his,

and I pulled Bean and all our lunch supplies in mine.

The trails around there were so good.

We rode to a really nice park, grabbed a table in the shade and cooked lunch.

While the kids played.

We were hungry and it was a good lunch we gobbled all up. It was one of those weird days were 1 min, it was sunny and the next we thought it would rain any second. After lunch it really looked like rain so we tried to rush back.

However it was not raining when we got close so we rode around some more. Eventually our time was up and we returned the bikes. We were hot and sweaty and stopped for a snack.

We got some great brews

and some great baked stuff that disappeared before i got a picture.  It still looked like it could rain and we were hot and sweaty so went to the rec center and took showers and then played in the pool.

It felt great to shower, soak all the sweat and sand off and then shower again. While in the pool we looked outside and finally it was raining. It was rainning really hard and the wind was blowing crazy. Eventually the hungries drove us out of the pool. We didn’t want to try to go cook in a downpour so instead got some Mexican for dinner. It was still sprinkling and getting dark when we got done with dinner and headed back to camp.

Remember we moved camp and never really got it set up… well we should have, the tent had blown over and lots of rain came in the side and soaked a lot of our stuff.

to be continued.


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