2017 Epic Road Trip Westish Northish: Part 1 Colorado


Okay bare with me as this post is about a month late and I didn’t take notes or sleep much on the trip so i’m going to use the pictures to help remind me as best I can. It was too great of a trip to leave off the blog though.

On Thursday after work we packed and packed and packed the van


We always stuff it full but this time it was extra stuffed. All the bikes on a road trip was a new one for us but also this was the first 2 week trip we took a real cooler on and our camping gear keeps growing. We got about an hour out of the city before stopping for dinner.


This is our favorite spot in Topeka and a great way to start a road trip. I got a nice full belly that made me sleepy. Heath took over driving and the kids and I went to sleep. In Oakley we hit up the Mittens gas station and Heath and I swapped places. I started a Stephen King audio book that was just interesting enough to keep my attention and keep me alert. We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and up to Bear Lake while it was still dark. I got out to use the bathroom and it was freezing. I ran the heater a bit and tried to sleep some more but it was not happening. Once the sun came up and the family got up we found out we were in a thick fog.



We bundled up pretty good and did a bit of hiking, we found the elk did not mind the fog at all.


We were warm enough while hiking but we got hungry and stopped for breakfast.


Once stopped we got frozen before the water would boil for oatmeal, coffee and hot coco so we just had a granola bar and hiked on.


actually we had a hard time sticking to the trail and did mostly climbing.


The fog had lifted a bit by the time we got back to the lake.


We drove down the hill into the valley where it was a bit warmer and cooked breakfast for real.


We ate and the kids played in the field and worked on Jr. Ranger books. We did some more hiking and spotted some big horn sheep.



At the end of the morning the kids got sworn in and earned their badges and we left the park.


On the way to the hostel we came across the Big Beaver Brewing Co and stopped in for a drink.

or 8 small drinks home made root beer and cream soda, games of Uno, and




We had reserved a room at a hostel on AirBnb in Ft. Collins and were a bit nervous as it seemed too good to be true but it turned out to be amazing. A big family room w/ tv, fireplace and fold out couch.


nice bedroom


and a large kitchen


that walked out to a big yard with giant teepes, a creek and lots of hammocks.


We got settled in then unpacked the bikes and rode them to another little brewery for dinner.


It was just okay and by the end I was ready for bed. We biked home and called it a night.

In the morning after complimentary waffles and coffee we sadly packed our stuff back in the van and out of the room. We moved the van down the street, checked out and hopped on the bikes.


This was a super fun busy day, first up we hit up a park.


We biked on


through a nature preserve


and to a brewery with cold drinks and giant Jenga


on a great shaded deck


then back on the bikes



After a good ride we were hungry.


After lunch we rode on a little more and ended up at a big downtown break dance competition.


It was surprising but everyone loved it and we stayed a long time cooling off w/ water and watching.


We hit up a bike shop for a new tube and one last brewery on our way back to the bikes.


We drove Northish and Westish for a while and then stopped for a big Mexican dinner. We had planned to drive all night but it was a full day on the bikes and we were beat. So we drove until bedtime then got a cheep crummy hotel room and crashed for a few hours.

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