Heath and The’s Honeymoon Pages

INTRO My summary/run down of the trip  – http://theprewitt.com/?p=421

SUNDAY 8-17-08  Pack and Drive –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=423

MONDAY 8-18-08  Get the Boat  – http://theprewitt.com/?p=428

TUESDAY 8-19-08 Exploration on Land, Night on an Island  –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=429

WEDNESDAY 8-20-08 Exploration in the water is fun –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=430

THURSDAY 8-21-08 – http://theprewitt.com/?p=/431

FRIDAY 8-22-08 Return the boat and head down the coast  –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=432

SATURDAY 8-23-08 – Long drive to Des Monies  –  http://theprewitt.com/?p=434

Want to see more pictures?


You can find big uncompressed ones all there. If they don’t show up refresh the page.

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