Kentaro and Chiaki Engagement & Good Bye Party

It was a success!

Friday June 17th friends come over after work anytime.  We will start digging a large hole. KK will bring a 151lbs pig with him from Steve’s Meat Market. I’ll pick up a keg of Coors Light. Once the hole is big enough for the pig plus a bunch of extra room we will line the sides with rocks. Then start a big coal generating, rock heating fire.

While our pit is heating we will need to coat the pig in a rub, maybe inject it with sauce, fill it with potatoes, onions and stuff and otherwise make it tasty. Then we need to wrap the pig in chicken wire then we wrap that with butcher paper, wet newspaper, wet burlap, clean wet t-shirts and any tasty vegetation we find.

We keep adding wood and building a lot of hot coals and rocks and earth. When we have some free time we will cook up hot dogs, hamburgers, rice and whatever sides/snacks are around.

The bonfire will need to burn and have more wood added until midnight or whenever there is a massive bed of coals. Then we add some more rocks and let the coals die down. Around 2am we take out the most recent rocks, spread out the coals, add in some of the wet t-shirt, burlap, vegetation layer. Then lay in the pig and whatever it is wrapped in. Then more of the wet stuff and some rocks cover rocks with wet stuff and then cover everything with a tarp to keep moisture in. Cover the tarp with dirt. The pig is done at this point and we can go to sleep. We will open up the house to anyone that wants in and have all the couches and air mattresses (if you want a specific place let us know ahead of time so we can reserve for you) and the yard will be fair game for campers.

I am planning on cooking the pig for 8-14 hours. I’m not sure how we will determine this but I guess a combination of what time we want to eat and when we got it buried. We may try to bury a temp sensor with the pig and hope it works to tell us when it is ready. We are also thinking about burring some pipe for an air injection system for our coals. I think we should have a set time to eat so people know when to plan for dinner so I am setting dinner for 2:30 and hope to really eat by 3pm Saturday but realistically I could see us running behind schedule.

I still need to work on what will go on Saturday until the pig is done. I hope to find a stock tank or pool or slip and slide and I have stuff for crocket, and other yard games.  We will probably want to eat a good late breakfast and then fast or lightly snack until the pig is ready. Jon is bringing over a bunch of biscuits and I’ll cook up them with sausage gravy and sausage patties.

When we determine the pig is ready we will dig it up, lay it on a table and prepare the meat. I think we will want to shred some for pulled pork sandwiches or at least chop it up into useable sizes. Once everyone is stuffed I think we should try not to go into a food coma by collecting all of the meat into gallon zip lock bags. Then refrigerate these. If other friends show up late or we get hungry as the night goes on we will break into the pig and not worry about bugs or anything. I expect to have a lot of extra meat at the end so remember to grab a bag when you leave.

If we are not exhausted I could see a little bonfire Saturday night and hanging out and everyone is welcome to stay. This may take some delegating but I think Sunday we should fry up lots of potatoes and scrambled eggs and mix them with pulled pork and cheese. Sunday afternoon we will start asking you to start cleaning up or head home.


  • suggestions?
  • Bring a shovel if your going to be early and ready to dig?
  • Bring fancy beer, or soda, or scotch or whatever you want to drink unless it’s tea, lemon aid, water or cheep keg beer. I’ll have jugs/keg of these.
  • You may want a cooler for your drinks, I’m guessing the fridge will fill up.
  • I don’t know of a fair way to pull all this off so I’m going to have a tip jar and ask you to donate whatever money you feel is appropriate and/or bring food. We are going to need sides for all the meals and I think we are going to want snacks to keep us going until the pig is ready.
  • Fun things to do while waiting on pig or digesting pig. bonus if it is outside and keeps us cool (pool, slip and slide, etc)
  • Anything helpful. Right now I know I need to get or have someone bring burlap, clean t-shirts/sheets, newspaper, head of cabbage, head of lettuce, probably lots of ice, 20lbs potatoes, BBQ sauce, spices to rub the pig in, cayenne pepper, forks, lots of buns, onions, burgers, hot dogs, catsup, mustard, pickles, rice, shredded cheese, hard boiled eggs, sausage patties, ground sausage, biscuits, spoons, green beans, chicken wire, regular eggs, baked beans, paper plates, pig rub, fruit, apple pie, banana leaves or some vegetation to steam the pig in, regular salad, pasta salad, bean salad, cole slaw, cookies, rain gazebo, other sides for burgers or pig, other snack foods, any desserts, lots of fruit, surprises!
  • Invite more KK & Chiaki friends
  • Not required but it could avoid everyone showing up with buns if you tell me you are coming and if you are bringing something.

make a pig rub, wash berry, call KCPL, make air injection system(Jon), empty basement fridge, coolers ready, find giant cooler, clean basement bathroom(Heath), set up air mattress and futon, find tip jar, find stock tank or pool,…

make lots of tea (Stephen), mow and weed wack the yard, decide if it will rain and make a plan, buy all the stuff in bold above if not crossed off

Friday Afternoon:
get 5 gall of ice tea and water(Jon) and lemon-aid on ice, pick up keg and put under deck on ice, pick up pig(KK), set up lights on pit area and keg/drink area, table, cups paper towel by keg and drinks, move giant chunks of wood to burn area, set out shovels, dig if extra time

Friday Evening:
tap the keg, dig the hole, start fire, rub down pig, stuff pig with tasty things, wrap pig in stuff, make rice, grill burgers and dogs(Stephen), generate a massive amount of coals, bury pig and get it cooking. CELEBRATE!


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