Lucky #7 Triathlon (3 PM Saturday)

December 3rd 2011
Let’s meet around 2 or so and leave for the 1st bar at 3:00pm
You can come and have a good time.
 7th front 7th back

I need to start getting a plan in place for the Triathlon. I’d like to figure out about how many people are coming so if your in let me know and I’ll start a list. The only reason this matters is for the Shirt order.
List of Runners Participants:
Heath (driving the mini van)
Julie (maybe)
(NONSHIRT Colleen, Ian, Baylee)

Shirt Design
I have not started on a back to the shirt yet but I think the front is done. I’d like to have the date and maybe mention that it’s the 7th annual. Other then that I am not sure what to put back there and would love ideas. Maybe I’ll move the stick men to the back and put the date up front. The map always works good so we better set a route.

I’ve got route ideas but nothing set so far.
Same as last year, Brookside to our house (5+ miles)
Idea2 Kelly’s in Westport to our house along Wornal the whole way. We get into Westport, Plaza, Brookside,and Waldo but it’s all uphill and some hills are rough. Tons of Bars to pick from (7 miles)
Idea3 Start east of our house and follow the trolly trail hitting BB’s Lawnside BBQ and bars along 85th then work our way up to 103rd and state line and work our way back at least 7 bars no real long runs and about 7 miles.
What’s Happening -> BB’s Lawnside BBQ = 1mile
BB’s -> Corner Cocktain = 1mile
Corner -> Ward Parkway Lanes = 1.25mile
Lanes -> Ugly Joes = 1.75mile
UJ -> Coaches = .5mile
Coaches -> Creekside = 1mile
Creekside -> home =1mile

Jon and I checked out route 3 and I think it is really different then we have ever done before and would be a really good time.

Idea4 Something like the above but different or just totally different, ideas???

So YOU please:

  • sign up
  • give me ideas
  • spread the word
  • don’t find anything else to do December 3rd and probably the 4th


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