Triathlon #08 12-01-12

I know it looks pink in the picture but it should be pure red when we get them.

Reserve that date, find a sitter and start gathering accessories


Meet at our house by 2:30pm Saturday afternoon. Buy your $15 T-shirt. We will take a group picture, you can claim a couch, bed or corner for crashing at the end of the night if you want and then we will carpool down to Brooksider or Charlie Hoopers. The traithon begins with a drink then a jog from that bar to the next. We will run and drink our way through waldo to our house. I think we usually stop at around 7 or so bars.  In years past we have aimed for 6 miles but I think this year will be like 4 and very few sections are over a mile. We will have crock pots full of chili ready to eat at the house. snow ice or rain just makes it more fun.

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