Curry and Books

Once I got home from work last night I started cutting up vegetables.
I didn’t get far before Heath and I needed to head out to visit a daycare. We checked out a church at 97th and Holmes. It took us 27 seconds to drive to so that was nice. It was a pretty good daycare and the tour was quick and to the point.
Once home I got back to work on dinner. I was excited to be cooking curry chicken since I have never really done it before. I cooked up a pan of cabbage.

And I boiled some soba noodles.

I cooked up some chicken and added carrots and potatoes and zucchini and all that other stuff you saw and cut it into bites. Then I added some water and a package of curry from the Asian market.

Shortly later our kitchen smelled pretty strong and our mouths began to water.

We ate while watching Mad Men and nearly finished the serving for 5. The 1st try at this dish went pretty well. I got mild curry and wished it had a little more kick to it but Heath thought it was just right. After a little siracha sauce mine was great too.

OK on to my books:

After dinner I grabbed this book and headed downstairs.

I had a list of 40 something things to check on around the house and then possibly make energy efficient. My first project was going to be taking down the wood paneling in the basement and putting up insulation. However I took down my first piece to discover…

There was already insulation behind it. It’s not as thick as the book and the US Dep. of Energy recommend so I may still take it down. I worked my way around the basement finding other things to work on and making my energy efficient list of projects. Then Derrick stopped by and we hung out for a bit. I had a book of his and he had a hard drive of mine.

After Derick left Heath and I headed to Home Depot I had a few things I wanted to get prices on and maybe pick up a few things. Heath and I ended up getting some pipe insulation and a new faucet and carried them all the way to the checkout before realizing neither of us had any money on us. So we left them and headed home.

I tried to get back to work on the list but decided to call it a night and spend the rest of the night reading my book.

I hoped in bed next to Heath and she started reading The Clan of the Cave Bear and I started reading The Valley of Horses.

These are part of the Earth’s Children series. When I picked up the first book I knew nothing about it. I didn’t know it was a series or anything. However it got my attention and I’ve been reading them ever since.

After a couple hours of reading we headed to bed.


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2 Responses to Curry and Books

  1. The Mrs. says:

    My mom read these when I was younger too, and I remember when I was like 12 I asked her if I could borrow them and read them and she said no, I was too young.  Well, I’m old now, so I’m gonna read them, like it or not momma! (just kidding, I actually borrowed the first one from her this go round, and I would be almost done with it too, if Chirs hadn’t stole it and read it first!)

  2. Courtney says:

    Thanks for filling me in on the books.  I have never read those books, but I know that my parents have all of them because I can remember seeing them on the bookshelf as a kid.  Maybe I will add these to the list.

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