We All Made It Home

Sorry my post is so late this morning. Having no schedule makes things harder for posting. I’m going to go in a weird order today I think.

Last night we went to bed at about 10 after heating up a home made frozen pizza and some corn, black beans and cabbage and eating it while watching Dirty Jobs.

Pumpkin and Heath got up at midnight for about and hour snack. Then they got up at 4am again for a 30 minute snack and then we all got up at 7 this morning for breakfast. Pumpkin has milk and I cooked pancakes and sausage for the rest of it. Everyone ate breakfast in bed and took our time getting ready. Then I took Peanut to school at 9 this morning and took Pumpkin with me. She has had 2 car trips and immediately falls asleep on them.

So yesterday morning a doctor came in fairly early and talked about us heading home. We had some paperwork to do and Pumpkin and Heath had some tests to do and I needed to get the car seat checked out but then we were free to head home. So we got some breakfast and then I started hauling gear to the van and brought back the car seat.

Things were going well and we got showers and ordered lunch at 11:30 planning to leave around 12:30 or so. We finished up all the tests and stuff and waited for lunch. Once Pumpkin was all checked out we got rid of her hospital blankets and dressed her in the clothes Peanut had picked out for her before she was born.

At 1:00 we called to ask where it is. They saw the order and were surprised it had not been sent up so said they would rush it. Just before 2 our nurse came in and we mentioned the lunch to her and she called and they said they would get it right to us. I think it was 2:30 when the lunch came and got to go. A volunteer guy rolled Heath out in a wheelchair with Pumpkin in the car seat in her lap. I ran out and got the van and pulled it up out front and we headed out.

We drove to Peanut’s school and picked him up and we all came home together. Peanut was excited to show Pumpkin our house and hold him on the couch by himself.

Kelly came over after work and she was also excited to hold her by herself.

Heath and I unpacked most of our stuff and got a few things put away from before we left for the hospital then I helped Peanut play Star Wars a bit before we all moved to the couch for some family TV time.

When it got close to Peanut’s bedtime he put on pajamas then we put together the co sleeper we borrowed from a coworker.

It was a little more confusing to put together then I expected but Peanut and I got it put together and Heath and I got it secured to the bed.

I think that is about it we got ready and went to bed. I’m preping the house for cold weather by closing windows and attic fans and stuff and Pumpkin and Heath are napping.

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  1. Brian says:

    Your baby looks a little bigger when Peanut is holding her.

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