A Great 5 Years

Pumpkin had her first cheeseburger last night!


If you haveburger pics please send them to me so I can add them!

Last night as Heath and I were getting set up for Cheeseburger and Natty night she asked me, “five years ago did you ever think in 5 years you would be married with a kid and a house and a car?” I responded “I always suspected I would have a car” Seriously though a lot has happened in the last 5 years and I’ve had a ton of fun. Last night was no exception.

I left work early, met up with Heath and went to Pumpkin’s 9 month checkup. She did not have to get shots so it was an easy one. She weighs 18lbs now and was doing great on everything. The doctor said we were doing great feeding her and could now give her about anything as long as it is small and soft and not nuts or cow milk. We found out buns, grilled hamburger and cheese were all ok and immediately understood that the 5yr party would be Pumpkin’s first burger.  IMG_0949

It does not look great but when the alternative is this

The burger crumbs look pretty good.

After the doctor appointment we came home and did a few dishes and packed up a cooler of supplies.


I moved some tables and chairs around and fired up the grill.


It was pretty muggy out but in the shade on the deck it was not miserable. We brought everything out there to keep it easy. Shortly later Jon, Amanda and Alley showed up and we got started grilling. I’m not going to try to remember who showed up when or anything from this point but I will show you a lot of burgers getting eaten.

 IMG_0938 IMG_0943 IMG_0941

I think we took a little break at this point. Besides burgers we had BBQ chips, sour cream chips, tortilla chips and salsa, 2 kinds of rice chips, and my fav the hot and spicy Cheetos. To top the burgers we had optional mushroom, onion, spinach and cilantro. And I got to use some new condiment bottles KK and Chiaki got me.


Durring the break Kevin showed up with Popsicles


and Pumpkin ate a bunch of green beans and cheerios IMG_0947

I tossed on more burgers


KK’s 2nd

Then I had my first double. I had 3 buck doubles for lunch and they were a lot smaller but still I was up to 8 beef patties for the day. More people showed up and and I grilled a bunch more burgers.

 IMG_0959 IMG_0961 IMG_0963



After this we sat around the table and talked a while and I put away the toppings and turned off the grill. Some folks left but later on Stooks showed up and a few of us were ready for another round so I got the grill going again.

Then we ate more IMG_0969 IMG_0967

my 9th and 10th patty above and my last 1/2 a burger below


Heath ate the other half IMG_0975

KK and Chiaki also shared a burger.  IMG_0979

Then we were done and just hung out and digested and surprisingly were feeling pretty good.  IMG_0985

I think we went through 56 patties from our grill last night and a decent pile of natty’s IMG_0988

I suspected to go into some sort of beef related coma last night but actually felt pretty good last night and this morning. I suspect there are more pictures coming in from remote celebrations but so far I have these

Tony in Chicago with a Portillo’s Burger.

Burger from the best fast food restaurant in Chicago. Happy 5th!”

Lyndsey and Scott in Arizona with home made deer burgers.

Hi Chris.  Scott and I each had a burger last night, just for your cause.  So, put us in for 2!”


I’m guessing Stephen in California with plain Ruby’s Dinner burger


and Becky at the same place with the standard dress.


Pops in Seatle, he says “Annie and I went to the RAM last night.  They had several new burgers and here are some pics of the one I tried called the Ricardo named after Dezi Arnez.  I had shredded pork on top and I added jalpenos.  And yes I ate the whole thing.  They did not have any Natty so I settled on a local Microbrew.  We went to Walmart after dinner and they did not have any Natty either.”

 New Picture (5)

I’m pretty sure it says “Seasoned burger patty topped with swiss cheese, sliced country ham, shredded port, horseradish dill pickle chips, finnished with dijon mayo on our soft pub roll”

Keep sending in your pictures if you have any and I’d love to add them. I’m going to leave this post at the top a few days.

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  1. Brian says:

    That looked like fun (and tasty).

  2. The Mrs. says:

    Can you put a note on where the burgers are from (location and reader)? Would be interesting to know who ate what!

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