Stay outside because it’s hot inside

So this heat is making it hard to work on my wood pile but it is making Pumpkin hair curl up nicely.

Last night was all about the wood pile. I spent most of my time, filling up my tiny truck bed with split wood, then driving it down to the bottom of the back yard, stacking it up and repeat.

Heath and Pumpkin helped me for a while then they worked on making the front yard pretty, playing in the pool and various other projects.

I took a break at dinner and we cooked up a bunch of veggies and some sort of healthy brauts.

That was about it for the night. So to boost the time spent at my post I want to encourage you to plan to spend some time at our house Father’s Day weekend  to celebrate KK and Chiaki’s Engagement & Going Away Party. Here are all the details so far

Also I found 3 videos from the weekend that I didn’t get to yesterday.


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