A little Trim


After work I found Pumpkin eating green beans with Nanny. Nanny headed home and added more food to Pumpkin’s trey. Then I tossed together a big pan of nachos with meat and veggies I had prepared the night before. While they were cooking I drug Pumpkin out on the deck, stuck the #4 guard on the clippers and cut my hair.  I got it all cut but needed trimmed around my ears and neck.

Heath and Peanut got home and we quickly ate the plate of nachos and then another plate. Pumpkin was loving the cheese, ground deer, black beans and veggies but often chewed them off the chips and then left the chips. After dinner the kids and Heath went to Peanut’s soccer practice. I did the dishes and took a bunch of tools into the attic and then started cooking blueberry pancakes.

Jon showed up and I put away the pancakes. We checked out my wood pile in the back yard and then headed to the attic to work on the beam. It is really heavy and awkward to move but we got the 3 sections moved around and then started gluing them together.
We glued 2 sections together and then added a bunch of screws. Then we ran to Home Depot for more glue and glued the last section to the first 2 and then screwed everything together.


We moved some supports around and then somehow slid the giant beam next to the current beam.  IMG_1736

The new beam is all ready to go but it is going to take a while to move the rest of the supports and replace the current beam with this new one.

We decided to halt work until we had a day with more time to proceed. Jon and I headed outside and had and IPA and talked about the remod and our wood piles and the pig roast and a backpacking trip. Then Jon headed home and I took a shower and headed to bed. Both the kids woke up last night and needed to be put back to sleep so I slept in longer then I wanted this morning and did not get much done.

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