DSCF3731My family gave me a pretty nice night. Peanut heads to his dads for a few weeks tomorrow and I’ll be pretty busy tonight so we did a bit of celebrating for Step Father’s Day and my Birthday. I had to work late and was a bit worn out when I got home. I got on my swim stuff and was able to relax while Heath and Peanut turned the house into a restaurant (kinda like this). I was brought a nice drink while I waited for dinner. Then Pumpkin and I sat down to eat while Heath and Peanut were our waiters/cooks.

We both ate a bunch and it was good. As we finished up dinner they brought out gifts for me. First was a homemade camouflage pillow. Sorry since it is camouflage you can’t see it but I promise I’m holding it.

Then I got a new watch as my last one fell in a deep spot in the river and was lost.

Actaullly they got 2 watches and let me pick what one I wanted. With some help from Pops and Annie I also got new hiking boots (I’d already gotten them and have been breaking them in at work) and a new winter coat that is warm and light and looks really nice.

Once we were done with presents I finished my big drink and we got ready for swimming and headed to the pool. Peanut’s class was first and he was excited to use goggles.


We got Pumpkin in her suit then played in the baby area a bit before her class started.  DSCF3720

We saw Peanut’s class doing some exciting stuff




Our class was about the same. Pumpkin is really good at blowing bubles and jumping in and just keeps getting better but she does not like to back float or kick her legs much.


As our lesson ended Pumpkin was shivering so I took her to rinse in the shower and then wrapped her up in a warm towel. Peanut practiced swimming with Heath some then we headed home to get the kids in bed. Pumpkin laid down with her bear really well after a book and went right to sleep in her tent so we may move back to the bed soon.

Once the kids were in bed Heath did laundry and dishes and I mowed the lawn.

I had planned to do mowing and trimming tonight but it looks like it may rain this afternoon. I got all the front done and most of the back but still need to weed wack.

Once it was dark I headed in and cooled off with a glass of wine on the couch with Heath. We watched some TV then showered and headed to bed. This morning I decided to set some wood aside to stay dry in case it does rain.

I got a wheel barrow load full of big nasty, chunks, nice split firewood and small brush.

I don’t think this will be all the wood we burn but it will be a good start to get a hot fire going that will dry out anything else we burn that is wet.



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