I’m only in the office for the morning and I have lots to get done so I can head home and get ready for the beginning of the PIG ROAST.

– met Heath at home and gathered Aldi supplies
– picked up both kids from daycare
– got the rest of necessary items from Aldi
– discovered swim lessons were not cancled
– quickly fed the kids frozen pizza and cereal
– weed wacked the yard
– Heath made banana bread
– everyone else went to swim lessons
– met with a couple guys in the driveway and sold my brothers truck
– went to Ace for chicken wire and a spool of wire to wrap the pig in and stich up his/her belly once full of treats
– brother came over and picked up a pile of cash, left me a bit
– cooked up a pan of chicken breasts, refried beans, salsa and cheese
– lessons ended and kids and Heath back
– ate chicken bean burritos
– Heath left for dance class
– read to Pumpkin and put in bed
– got Peanut ready for bed
– gave Berry a bath
– random cleaning and prepping for Roast
– headed to bed

See you tonight/tomorrow. It’s going to be a lot of fun. You are welcome anytime but I am guessing 3-4 on Saturday will be the sweet pork spot.

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