Wedding & Fun in Lincoln Nebraska


Friday Heath and I worked a 1/2 day. Then we quickly got the van ready, picked up Pumpkin from the sitter, grabbed some gyros and hit the road. The normal route was blocked by flooding so we had to take the long way. We ate gyros and drove along. Pumpkin got a good nap in. Eventually we got to the hotel and checked in. We brought Pumpkin’s tent with us and set it up next to our bed. IMG_0142

Heath got all beautiful then we went for a drive. We were taking Heath to the rehearsal at the church but running early so we checked out a little lake on the way and then stopped to play at a park. It was crazy hot out so we didn’t play long or hard. Then Pumpkin and I dropped off Heath at the church and we headed back to the hotel for showers and playtime.  IMG_0137

Pumpkin and I got ready then headed to the restaurant and met up with the massive wedding party there. We had some really good food and a few beers and Pumpkin’s friend Jenna was there to run around with.

It got a bit late and Pumpkin found more and more trouble to get into so we headed back to the room and got her in bed. We went to bed pretty much right after. In the morning Heath got up early and headed out to go do bridesmaids stuff. I laid around in bed as long as I could then got on the computer and played and planned our day untill Pumpkin got up at 9. We quickly got dressed and jumped in the car.


We went to McDonalds for breakfast. Pumpkin ate a whole parfait, a whole hash brown and some of my sausage biscuit. She also ended up with a big orange juice that she worked on most of the day. Once we were full we headed to the park.


We drove around and thought we had found a nice little park. We parked and hit up the first trail we found.

I had not thought to bring an Pumpkin backpack or stroller but she was happy to look for birds and squirls from my shoulders.


We could see these big pillars from a distance and walked towards them.


On the way we smelled some flowers and goofed around.

(yes, someone put Pumpkin’s shirt on inside out)

The pillars were pretty old and historic.


We checked them out and the little pond by them before heading back up the trail.


It was like 10 in the morning but already pretty hot. We got back in the van and drove some more. We discovered the park was a lot bigger then I first thought and drove around some more of it. We started finding animals and pulled over at the visitor center to check it out.


A lot of hikes started from right around it and first we headed to see the Elk.

 IMG_0093 IMG_0094

We walked to a little walkway over a lake and could get pretty close to them.

From there we walked a different way and saw a deer. There were bison around too but most of the animals seemed to be taking shelter from the sun already and were tough to find.


We left this trail and went around another one that seemed to go around a little marshy lake but had all sorts of curves and activities and stuff around it.

We tried to stay in the shade and checked out some animals and fun stuff.
 IMG_0107   IMG_0118

Yeah we walked right up beside a bee hive.  IMG_0117

We were getting pretty hot so headed back towards the car.


I wanted to make sure Pumpkin was good and tired so we stopped at a playground for a quick turn down the slide and a swing.
 IMG_0122 IMG_0121

Then we brought Heath her forgotten wedding ring and checked on her hair.


We were hungry again so picked up some burritos, rice and beans and ate them in the room.


Then Pumpkin took a nap and I watched a Swamp People marathon. I’d never seen the show but thought it was really cool. I had hoped to go to the beach at the little lake we found Friday with Pumpkin in the afternoon but she was really tired and took a super long nap. When she did wake up it was getting close to time for the wedding so we scrapped the lake idea and rushed over to a neighborhood spraypark instead.


It was huge, really new and full of hot kids. Pumpkin knew what to do and headed right in.


I snapped a few pictures and then joined her. We checked out all the different spays and covered a few with our feet and other fun stuff. Then we had to head back to get ready.  IMG_0133

We left the spraypark at 3 had a 10 min drive back to the room, threw on some fancy clothes then had a 15 min drive to the wedding and got there at 3:45 for the 4:00 wedding. We got a picture with fancy Heath and then took our seats. Pumpkin was pretty troublesome at first and I didn’t think we would make it through the wedding but once it started she was really good. She entertained me and the other people around us by waving and giving high fives and farting. Near the end when Heath walked back down the isle Pumpkin saw her and started screaming Mama and everyone laughed.

We said bye to Heath and headed back to the room for a drink and to wait on the reception.


Just before the reception Pumpkin’s diaper exploded and she needed a shower. Luckily her dress was okay. While in the shower she saw Heath’s razor and did some mimicking of what she had seen Heath do.


I made sure the guard was on then took some pictures of the big girl.  IMG_0154

Once her legs were as smooth as a baby’s butt we headed to the reception. It was a huge place and packed with people. We got one of the last tables and had a little crazy time getting food and eating since everything was glass and Pumpkin and I were on our own. Then the wedding party showed up and quickly ate. Then Heath gave a bridesmaid speech and nailed it.


Pumpkin spent the rest of the night running around on the dance floor with the other kids.  IMG_0167

Heath and I kept an eye on her and had a few drinks and watched the cake and dances and other wedding stuff.


Near the end of out night Pumpkin had a second diaper explosion and this one did not spare her dress or my shirt. We changed in the van and then said our goodbyes and headed back to the room for bed.

We all slept in the next morning then packed and cleaned up and met up with the wedding party and folks for breakfast. Then Heath let us go to the beach that we didn’t make it to the day before.


The water was not too cool but it felt pretty good.  IMG_0180 IMG_0183

We swam a bit then played in the sand.


Then we swam some more to wash the sand off. Then we walked a while to dry off and then packed up and put on clean dry clothes.


We got some really good pizza on our way out of town then headed home. Pumpkin crashed for most of the trip.


Heath saw some national monument on the way in her stamp book so we detoured a little so she could get a stamp.


We also stopped for ice cream after Pumpkin woke up and we listened to the World Cup on the radio for most of the drive but missed the end of the game.

Eventually we did make it home and unpacked and cleaned up and made a big salad. Then Jon, Amanda and Alli showed up with a big pizza and we all ate and talked and watched some Swamp People. Then they left and Pumpkin went to bed. Heath and I worked on some packing and planning for our big road trip then we headed to bed.


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