Pumpkin: “I’m Two”

Friday afternoon on her way home from work Heath stopped by my mom’s house and picked up a coupon for 1 free large pizza from Waldo Pizza that expired that day. So once all of us were home we loaded all the bikes in my truck then headed over to Waldo for dinner. We ordered a 16′ honey wheat crust with bbq sauce, chicken, onions, red peppers, black olives and topped with asiago cheese.

Heath and Pumpkin split a salad before the pizza showed up and I had a sample of 4 good good beers… well 3 good beers and 1 weird pumpkin beer that was just okay. Everyone ate really good and we really got into the pizza and may have eaten it all but the waitress offered us a box and we packed it up before we got uncomfortable full.

Once done with dinner we drove down the street a block or so, unloaded the bikes and had a great little bike ride. We had a relaxing slow dinner so were short on time but made the most of it. There were quite a few other people on the trail and the kids waved and said hello to them.

Then we went home and got everyone in bed. We did a little preparing for the birthday party like baking 1 cake and got to bed fairly early. Peanut got up early and got me up and we got busy on breakfast and getting the house ready for a party. The cake from the night before came out of the pan looking pretty bad.


We had a cool cake plan but it was easy to remedy the weird cake by cooking another cake and putting it on top.

Then we cut a little section out.


Then we got some white icing and added color to it until it was close to the same color as a box of crayons.  IMG_1715

And we made something that looked a lot like a school bus.


It was still pretty warm and Peanut had a soccer game so we went to it.  IMG_1716

It was a good game and the weather was really nice. I took several more pictures but I don’t think they uploaded this morning. After the game we headed home and ate some lunch. Heath and I worked on her list of things to do before the party and Pumpkin took a nap. Peanut helped out a bunch then got to play iPad. The cake was cool and we got back after it. We mixed more colors with white icing and cut ice cream cones in half and coated them in icing.


Then we added some green to the school bus and it started to look a lot more like an empty box of crayons.


Then Peanut stuck the ice cream cones on…


…and our cake was complete.


The other big part of prep was cutting giant piece of paper off some rolls Tony got us and taping them up all over the house.  IMG_1731

We laid out crayon bundles by the front door. IMG_1738

And we were ready to party.

Guests started to show up so we got Pumpkin up and Heath got her dressed to party.


Everyone got busy coloring.




Well not everyone colored, some guests mostly slept and ate.


We had a big pot of white chicken chili and another of pulled pork chili. I heard a lot of praise for both and there was nothing left at the end. After chili we sang to Pumpkin and blew out the candle.


Actually Peanut blew it out because she did not quite get how to blow a candle yet. Then we all got after cake and ice cream.  IMG_1763

Then it was time for presents, Heath and Peanut helped out.  IMG_1766 IMG_1767

We hung out some more and everyone started heading out. The rest of us were getting pretty beat and decided to relax for a while.

Camera 360

KK and Chiaki got on Skype and gave us a tour of their apartment in Japan and told Pumpkin happy birthday. Then the kids headed to bed and shortly later we did. In the morning I got excited about cooking a giant birthday pancake. I made some thick batter and loaded it with apples and cinimon then used up all the leftover icing to make a big 2.


It was bigger then a plate and kind of exciting. We lit some candles for more practice but Pumpkin was still just concerned about the “Hot” issue and would not blow them out.

The pancake made a great breakfast and after we got dressed for the game and headed to the park.


We ran around a played a bunch.

 IMG_1782 IMG_1801

Then went for a walk around the woods and then came back to play some more.  IMG_1796 IMG_1784

We got home just before the game and sat down to watch it.

I cooked up some enchiladas and while it was warming up Pumpkin did some more coloring. She missed her markers so we put away the crayons and used some of them.

After the Chiefs game we quickly loaded up and drove to Powell Pumpkin Patch in Louisburg.

We had a hay ride out into the field

then hopped off and looked for the best pumpkins

The tractor came back and picked us up with our pumpkins.

We paid for them and loaded everything up and took it to the van.

The kids played  for a while

Then we went home. The kids got in the tub and I tossed together a quick dinner then they headed to bed. We watched TV with Tony and Felicia a while then got to bed early too.

If you didn’t notice, there is a link at the top of the page for the Triathlon http://theprewitt.com/tri7/. It is 2 month’s away so you should reserve that day. I have the beginning of a shirt design and am working on a route. Since it is our 7th year I am thinking about 7 miles with a lot of hills but have Heath and the van around to help us out.


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