Get the Rain Coats Out

There is a lot of talk of wood today so before I get carried away go to and read about triathlon updates. We need to get some things figured out and get that rolling.

Alright so last night was really nice out. Once home Pumpkin got busy eating some dinner. We thought Heath was going to be busy with fundraiser stuff but it got canceled. Once Heath was home we tossed the bikes in the truck and headed to the trolly trail. Actually we parked at Saves a lot on Holmes and then started ridding. This is a really nice ride, especially in the fall. It is kind of a deserted area so it’s private and the leaves and all are everywhere. We saw a few other walkers/bikers. We rode to the end of the trial that is right next to a bar called What’s Happening. Then we turned around and started ridding back. We had the idea to start the triathlon there and then run to BB’s Lawnside BBQ. The trail is so wooded and deserted we could probably have a trail beer on the way if we needed.

We had a real nice ride and then got back to the car. We needed milk so loaded the truck and then went in for milk and a few other things. Pumpkin was ready to run and unleashed in the store zipping up and down the isles and top speed. Heath and I kept up as best we could and managed to get groceries too.

Then we headed home and got busy warming up KFC leftovers and adding some veggies. Heath got Pumpkin cleaned up and then she had a second dinner and we had a first. Heath let Pumpkin run around naked and I let her sit in a normal chair. So she ran and ate at the same time. After a while she disapeared into the back for a bit then came out and said “I pooped”.

Sure enough she had. I got it cleaned up and diaper and pajamas on her. Then we put her to bed and talked with Felicia for a while. I headed out back and moved wood for a while.

I’ve got 3 full big rows in the shed and part of a 4th. I stacked untill Tony showed up then called it a night and we all talked and hung out till bedtime. This morning I got up early and stacked some more.

Now it’s raining so I may be done loading wood in the woodshed until things are good and dried out. I’ve got plenty of wood ready for a while but still need to clean out the bottom of the wood stove before we should burn. I nocked a bunch of soot and stuff down into it when cleaning the chimney that should be removed.

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