Sometimes Socks and Sandals is Cool

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So I’ve been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis (hurt heel) since March. I’ve read a bunch about it and believe I originally injured it kicking the soccer ball around and then prevented it from healing by wearing old worn out shoes and not resting it. In August I went to the orthopedist and he gave me a brace to wear at night  IMG_1266

and told me no running or hiking or strenuous stuff and it would feel better in 2 months. Most of the pain was in the morning when I first got out of bed and the brace did a good job of fixing that but nothing else really. Then last week I talked to a nurse and got a bunch of great advice. I’m going to start doing a lot of stretches, taking supplements, not walk/stand barefoot and last night we went to a shoe store that can help with plantar fasciitis.  IMG_0263 (2)

It’s the first thing listed on the crazy blurry sign.  Heath Pumpkin and I went in and started looking around a bit. A guy came up and I told him my problem and he finished my sentence and took over. He looked over my feet and boots and had me walk and stand on a thing and was all over the issue. Right away he had me try on these sandles.

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They are really stiff and hard and felt great. I’d been wearing insoles and thick hiking boots to give my heel more padding but the shoe salesmen said they are designed to feel good when you first put them on but don’t really don anything to help with the problem. These sandals are stiff and designed to heal my heal. I walked around in them and I am really use to a tiny pain in my heel anytime I take a step but with these there was none, it was gone. I am supposed to wear these all the time and not be barefoot. Next we stuck these orthopedics in my boots

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It was less of a shock when I put them on but felt very similar they are really stiff and put pressure on areas of my feet I am not used to. I tried on a few pairs of shoes but was not crazy about any of them and the guy gave me a few guidelines to follow for shoes but said with these things inside of them any will be fine. He said with the insole I can start running and hiking and everything right now. This is great news but did not really match what the doctor nurse or internet said so I think I’m going to follow my new routine for a while and see how things go. Maybe I’ll try running for the first time at the Triathlon.

So we paid for the somewhat expensive insoles and sandals and left the store.

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Then we headed back to Walmart for a few things we didn’t realize we needed and forgot the night before. Pumpkin had gotten pretty wound up at the shoe store. They only had a few kids shoes but Pumpkin loves shoes and was running around pulling down big shoes and trying them on. The salespeople were encouraging her it she thought it was great. So we get to Walmart and she is being pretty good and playing in the cart and then lets out the loudest blood curling scream she can.

Heath and my eyes go wide and and look at her and she gets the reaction she wanted out of us and starts laughing hysterically. We are still a little WTF when she recovers from laughing and does it again. We cover her mouth and she laughs and now she has discovered a terrible game. Walmart is a big big place but I would guess 1/4 of the building could hear her screams. We tried talking to her, covering her mouth distracting her, and lame attempts at ignoring her but it was so loud and she knew it drove us crazy.

We hurried through the store fighting the urge to laugh with her or strangle her and several people came to tell us kids are crazy or some little info about parenting. The worst was standing in line to check out and being stuck in one place with a screaming laughing toddler but eventually we escaped and Pumpkin went back to normal in the car.

Before we left I had started some rice, tossed some chicken and squash in the toaster oven and cut up a bunch of veggies and cooked them partially on the stove.

Nothing was done but we had a good start on dinner. We sat Pumpkin down and started feeding her right away. As she was finishing up ours was ready and we had bowls of stirfry.

Pumpkin shared some more with us and then went to bed. After dinner I opened some salsa and killed 1/2 a jar of the hot. It was great and I think I could have ate the whole jar if Heath had not noticed me chowing down. I got busy running around the house in my new sandals getting random jobs done.

There was several small things but the best was getting the wood stove all cleaned out and ready to start burning. I had already cleaned the pipe but all the soot I knocked down was in the stove and needed cleaned out. I also added some boards to the wood shed so I can stack more wood. I have a good pile going but was going to be against the door soon so I added these boards to keep the wood from pushing open the door.

Then Heath and I headed to bed.

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