Happy Birthday Pumpkin


It’s been a big year




This morning was great. Pumpkin wanted oatmeal with apples in it and pink (strawberry) milk. She picked out her birthday skirt and batman shirt, Dora panties and purple cheeta socks.

She was super happy and watched a Birthday episode of Yo Gaba Gaba while she ate.

Last night was a pretty regular night. I took some pictures with the good camera before realizing the memory card was in the laptop and none of the pictures were saved. We ate dinner on the deck and it was nice. We had fish and once done with her butternut squash Bean played with Berry. She pet some but mostly poked and pulled. Berry seemed to love it.

After dinner Heath and Bean went to see a friend and I got laundry folded while Peanut read and Pumpkin played.

Then the kids had leftover cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.Pumpkin needed a bath right after that

I got her clean, read to and in bed then Peanut and I headed downstairs. I’ve been doing a lot of youtube exercise videos lately and Peanut joined me for an MMA one. Heath and Bean came home right as we finished and were sad they missed it so we did another one.

Then Peanut got ready for bed and I took a shower and had a bit of a snack before bed.

Triathlon information is starting to come in. The homepage has several links that I’ll update as I get details.

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