NOTICE: Friday it is going to be high 68F low 52F I am taking all my girls camping after work. We will come home by noon Saturday. If you are interested in joining let us know. Location TBD.

So we gave our typical busy Tuesday a little boost last night. Peanut brought a friend home from school and they played all over. Heath took Pumpkin to tumbling class and I kept the rest of the kids in order and got the dinner Heath made earlier ready to go. A neighbor came by with a report of lots of free firewood available tonight only.

So when Heath and Pumpkin got back we ate hamburger pie then I rushed off to the wood pile. There was 2 full truckloads of heavy oak. As soon as I got done unloading Heath took Peanut and his friend to scouts and I got the girls in the tub. Bean was in a crazy mood and splashing and dunking her head under so her bath was short but Pumpkin stayed in and soaked until her extremities raisened up good.

Bean and I got all the laundry folded and then Pumpkin out of the tub. Pumpkin ate her dinner and I read her stories. Durring the normal dinner she was too busy showing off for Peanut’s friend to eat.

Heath and Peanut got home as it was time to put the girls to bed. Then I took apart Pumpkin’s bike.  She likes this peddle-less one I frankenstiened last Easter.


But now she is bigger and it is just weirdly set up.

So I took the wheels from it and put them on Peanut’s old tiny bike and put training wheels back on and eventually pieced together a fairly normal bike.

I did a few other odds and ends around the house then headed to bed.






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