Please No Autographs


So first off, Monday you probably won’t get a post or it will be really late. I’ll be busy broadcasting for opening day from the Diamond Club at Kaufman Stadium. Unfortunately our broadcast is 4 hrs before the game. Is anyone going to the game? Maybe I can sneak you a hotdog from the press box.

So last night I was at the stadium testing and got home a little late. Luckily dinner was cooking and almost ready. We headed to the deck for enchiladas.


healthy enchiladas


After eating we took a break to play.




After playtime we headed to Aldi for some groceries. We stocked up the kitchen with fresh produce and got some supplies for our camping trip tonight.

We think we are going to head to Hillsdale lake. I’m pretty excited for Pumpkin.Once home we got the kids bathed and ready for bed. Then I started assembling the shishkabobs and getting everything ready I could.


We worked pretty hard this week and were beat and ready for bed. In the morning we got Peanut up early to work on a scout project.


He was supposed to plan and make a meal for his family. So we had french toast with sausage.


I made him do everything and he did great. It even helped get rid of Pumpkin’s grumpiness when she got up.


Yes that is a french toast sausage sandwich.







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