Day 6: My Birthday


I set an alarm to wake up early but got up before it went off and woke Heather up. We started getting ready to climb a mountain and Heather looked out our window and there was a moose right there.


We grabbed the camera and rushed outside and got a few pictures. Pumpkin woke up in the excitement and got to see her too.


Heath and I finished getting ready and then borrowed Annie’s car and drove 20 minutes outside of town to the trail head that leads to Wolverine peak. We loaded up with bug spray, grabbed 2 small backpacks and hit the trail right at 7am.


We immediately made a wrong turn but figured it out quick and probably only went ½ mile off course. Once back on the right trail we saw some moose droppings and lots of prints. We hiked for a bit but I was anxious to get to the top and it was pretty cool so we jogged a bit. We were mostly heading east right into the sun but we were in a lot of trees that shaded the trail.



We hiked several miles and only stopped for pictures at first. We ate handfuls of peanuts and sipped from a camelpack. Eventually we came out of the woods and started really heading up along a rocky edge.


That lead to the ridge and a big pile of rocks showing us it was really time to start climbing.



We saw our first other people of the hike here heading down on a run. It was tough going from here and we stopped for water breaks and to rest our feet a few times but the view was good and it felt like the top was not far.


The clouds were chasing us up at this point and moving around quick and blocking our view of different areas. We saw a few little critters but nothing too exciting. For a little bit it got windy and cold and then we got out of the wind and the sun got hot.




The summit was awesome, besides the clouds we could see a long way in every direction. The clouds were moving so fast that we could wait a few minutes and they would be somewhere else. We took a lot of cool pictures even with the clouds.






We ate some granola bars and finished ½ the water and posted to facebook.



Then we started down, we moved at some sort of a mix between a run and a walk. I think it was a scurry.


Going down was so much faster and a lot of fun. We were making great progress but our legs got pretty worn down. We slowed down some but kept moving. Lots and lots of people started coming up the mountain as we were coming down.


Once we got to the car, we took off our boots and drove back. Pops and Annie had fed the kids and taken them to the park and they were all outside playing with a neighbor. The kids played and we ate up a bunch of leftovers for lunch.

Then we broke into two teams. Pops and I took the kids to a playplace for lunch. Then to Best Buy for an antennae, to the liquor store for beer and got the car washed.


Once home we opened some beers and took the kids in the backyard to play. Pops light the grill and got some moose steaks going. Everyone had a good time playing in the grass and enjoying the weather.


Then we ate a tasty dinner.


After dinner we had cake and ice-cream and I got some new boots for my birthday.



Bean was exhausted and went to bed and the rest of us watched Monsters University. Then the kids went to bed and Heath and I went for a little walk out to the ocean.


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