The Best of the Best

 IMG_6778Japan Trip 2012

15 Amazing Days in Japan for Kentaro & Chiaki’s wedding.

Backpacking 11 Point River

Pappy and a couple friends backpacking some of the Ozark trail in January of 2012.

 IMG_0460 Road Trip to the East 2011

Monster road trip we took East then North along the coast and worked our way back.

 IMG_1705 Road Trip to the West 2010

Monster road trip we took 6000 miles around the west.

 IMG_2503 Goodbye/Engagement Pig Roast

We are really sad to see KK and Chiaki leave but we sent them out with quite a BBQ.

 DSCF3226 Buffalo River Spring 2011

Hiking, backpacking, camping and exploring in the Buffalo River National Park with Friends and Peanut.

Pumpkin’s Birth

The story of how an early morning led to a very exciting addition to our family.

The Proposal

The evening Heath was expecting a cheeseburger but got a ring instead.

The Honeymoon

Our idea of romantic get away is a week on a houseboat in the wilderness all alone.

HPIM0552.JPG Mount Timp

Heath and I spend the whole day hiking up a mountain in Utah. We look around and climb down.

Utah Backpacking Trip

A crazy tale of survival as Jon, Tony and I make our way around a mountain off the trails.


5 guys paddle their way 50 miles down a river with no current from Lawrence to Kansas City.

 P2140214 Rocheport Weekend

This Valentines weekend starts with a giant fancy tub and ends in a cold cave with lots of fun in between.

 IMG_1960Ozark Scenic Riverways

This National Park is an easy drive for a fun long weekend filled with springs, caves, nature, and camping.

Arkansas Backpacking Hike

Tony, Jon and I spend several days hiking the Buffalo River Trail


Our First 4th of July at the state park hiking, spelunking, eating and swimming on an extended camp out.

 IMG_0863 Lake of the Ozarks 2010

KK, Chiaki and Pumpkin join us for a return to the lake. We eat and drink well and have a great weekend.

 IMG_0375 Spring Break 2011

On our way to go Skiing in Laramie, WY we stop at a bunch of National Parks on the way and breweries on the way home.

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