Japan Trip


It was an amazing trip and there are lots of stories to tell. Here are a bunch of them in order.

Day 1 Getting to Japan
Day 2 Exploration and Rehearsal
Day 3 Morning Walk, Evening Ceremony/Feast
Day 4 The Wedding
Day 5 Goodbye Friends
Day 6 Fukuyama City
Day 7 The Ocean
Day 8 Okayama City
Day 9 Shopping Spree
Day 10 Kyoto City
Day 11 Mt. Fuji
Day 12 The Drive
Day 13 Hiroshima City
Day 14 Miajima Island, Hiroshima
Day 15 Homeward Bound

The posts included some of the pictures but there are literally thousands more at http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Vacation/Japan-Trip-2012


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